Bernardo Cantu
“Art at its most significant is a Distant Early Warning System that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen to it.” -Marshall Mcluhan

I mine the dual tensions and harmonies of brute and elegant, baroque and minimal, high and low art. The use of both traditional and non-traditional art materials with a focus on second hand materials is explored. I handle non-traditional materials such as fabric, like paint, creating wall mountable pieces that I view as a form of sculptural-paintings. My work relies on process and I will have a few ideas in mind before beginning a new piece, however I want the finished piece to be surprising and bizarre to me. The more bizarre, the better. My work also investigates possibilities, so rather than just illustrating something that currently exists it is an abstraction of content from an imagined space. The mix of 2d and 3d in my pieces is a reflection of growing up in a middle space, a "Nepantla" space. Stylistic interests generate a dialogue between the "Rascuachismo" aesthetic and Kitsch. Inspiration comes from various areas: metaphysical literature, cosmology, b-movies, analog machines, 80s music, and Texas-Mexico border culture. I see my art as a product of a larger decolonizing enterprise, that functions from a mentality of what Walter Mignolo calls border gnosis; knowledge developed at the borderland, that takes form at the margins of the modern Western world.