Bernardo Cantu
The Zapotlicos Machine (side profile)
"Bernardo Cantu's heavy-metal copper dominated texture clash machine, odd in every possible way, except it's just right, perfect in balance, hue and vividity. Zapotlicos were the polytheistic pre-Columbian Zapotec people, who believed themselves coming from the clouds, historically occupying the isthmus of Tehuantepec south of Oaxaca.

Another double- and triple-take worthy piece that defies its own parts to a whole never imagined and difficult to accept, beautious as it was. A startlement of harmony and texture, probably missing its mate, strung in extreme leotard colors and shapes out in one of the discontinous hallways. This eliciting a quiet, awestruck wow."

— J R Compton (Dallas Arts Revue)

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